Silk HerbA Mask(Navy)
Silk HerbA Mask(Navy)
Silk HerbA Mask(Navy)
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Silk HerbA Mask(Navy)

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Silk HerbATM Mask

To deal with the new coronavirus of COVID-19, we must wear a mask for protection. Disposable masks can easily cause skin sensitivity and a lot of environmental pollution. During the epidemic, the amount of medical waste has surged four times, most of which came from disposable masks; it caused a lot of environmental pollution!

Thus, we have developed Silk HerbATM masks, which can be washed 50 times, skin friendly, and fashionable. Introducing the world’s first Silk HerbATM masks, it provides the airflow you need and the best fit with comfort for daily wear. 

Introducing the world’s first Silk HerbATM  masks, providing the airflow you need and the best comfortable fit for daily wear.

Nature’s Protection: Natural, Skin Friendly, Healthy, Eco-friendly!

Product DNA

Natural: Made with innovative Silk HerbATM skin friendly material, designed to be worn all day, anytime, anywhere.

Skin Friendly: Silk HerbATM is made for people who are allergic and sensitive to disposable mask material.

Eco-friendly : Reusable and washable up to 50 times. Reduce the waste from 50pcs of disposable mask.

Healthy: PFE> 95; made of 99% antibacterial material to keep the mask hygienic. 

With 3D airflow design and adjustable ear straps, it can stay off your mouth and nose for good air flow with fashion outlook and protect your health.



 4 layer design


 LAYER 1: Silk HerbATM

HerbA fabric composed of silk cellulose blend from the Artemisia plant. It offers a soft and skin-friendly material that has natural antibacterial properties whilst being breathable and comfortable. This fabric is light, breathable and antibacterial. It equipped with 3D air flow design, so it can stay off your mouth and nose for good air flow.



LAYER 2: Nano filter

This breathable filter lets air through while keeping out dust & 0.1µm particles (PFE >95%)

LAYER 3: Copper Ion

The copper ion layer not only lets air through but also has an antibacterial function to keep masks hygienic.

LAYER 4: Silk HerbATM

This fabric is skin friendly and antibacterial to keep you safe 

Hand wash with a gentle shampoo and air dry.



Large       : Length 15cm and Width 24cm

Medium   : Length 13cm and Width 18cm

HerbATM口罩by Les 100 Ciels



應對Convid-19 新冠病毒,必須戴上口罩防護。一般的口罩成分是石化材料,容易引起皮膚敏感. 疫情其間醫療廢物的數量激增4倍, 大部分來自一次性口罩; 造成大量的環境污染!

因此,我們研發了Silk HerbA 口罩,既可以洗用50次,不致敏和充滿時尚感。 現介紹世界上第一個可重用絲 HerbA口罩, 它具有您所需的通爽,親膚性和適合環保時尚生活. 


天謢人健: 天然, 親膚, 環保, 健康!






健康:PFE >95; 採用99%抗菌材料製成保持口罩衛生;


最先進的技術Silk HerbATM提供親膚質地;



層1:Silk HerbA



納米濾芯可以阻隔病菌、灰塵和0.1 pm 顆粒。細菌有效阻隔率達到 PFE >95%。



第4層:Silk HerbA